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Color Psychology: Decorating with Yellow

Welcome back friends! It is time again for my weekly series “Decorating with Color” where I explore decorating with a specific color each week. After a brief introduction to the effects of that color on us, I share inspirational examples of harmonious color schemes that could be used to decorate with that color. So far,I have [...]
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Color Psychology: Decorating With Orange

Welcome back to Decorating with Color weekly series. If you are new here, you will enjoy my previous posts in this series where I have covered decorating with black, green, violet, and blue. Today, I will be sharing ideas to decorate your home with Orange.  Orange is a secondary color that results from the mixing of [...]
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Color Psychology-Decorating With Blue

Back to my weekly (2 weeks late) series about decorating with color. You might be interested in my previous posts, Decorating with Black, Decorating with Green, and Decorating with Violet. Today I will be chatting about decorating with blue. Blue is a primary color that is described as a cool color due to its calming effect [...]
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Color Psychology: Decorating With Violet

This is the third post in the weekly series; Decorating with color. I previously discussed  Decorating with Black, and decorating with Green. Today we will be decorating with a color that I fell in love with after the birth of my daughter. Note: Subscribe to this blog to receive post updates in your e-mail so [...]
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Color Psychology: Decorating With Green

This is the second post in the weekly series Decorating with color. Last week I highlighted the psychological effects of Decorating with black. Today I will be talking about decorating with the color green. Green is the color of nature and thus induces tranquility. Look at this… The Nature Conservancy Doesn’t this just give you a [...]
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