Decal-Islamic calligraphy-Arabic calligraphy-Bismillah

$ 6.95

Please note that our decals are cut to order so although we are offering them in standard sizes, they can be any size-just contact me if you require a different size. 

Calligraphy: La Illaha Illa Allah, Mohammad Rasool Allah
Translation: There is no God but Allah, Mohammad is his messenger

Decals are made of vinyl and have low tack adhesive backing that would make them perfect for crafting on glass, mirrors, and windows.

Vinyl calligraphy decals consist of three layers: transfer paper, decal, paper backing.
• Simply lay the stencil flat with the transfer paper facing up. Then use a credit card to gently rub the transfer paper to ensure proper transfer of the vinyl.
• Make sure the surface for your application is clean (from wax, oil or dust) and dry before you start.
• Mark the center of the decal.
• Place a long piece of masking tape at the centerline to tape the stencil from top to bottom. Then, tape the decal to the surface where you need to apply it. Make sure it is leveled!
• Starting at the upper right corner, peel the transfer tape and vinyl away from the backing paper working your way towards the centerline. Once there, use scissors to cut the backing paper.
• Once the baking paper is removed, use a credit card to gently rub the transfer paper and vinyl onto the surface.
• Repeat steps 5-6 with the other side

Important note: The decals are removable but they are NOT reusable. Once removed, you will not be able to reuse them. 

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