Random Arabic Words Mesh Adhesive Stencil

$ 15.95

What better way to show your love for Arabic calligraphy than by stenciling it onto random objects around your home? 

Stencil sheet size: 10 x 12"

Design size: 7 x 9"

This Arabic calligraphy stencil is of random Arabic words.  It is available in our newest purple mesh adhesive stencil which is in 110 mesh. This new line of stencil film can be used for glass, mirrors, fabric, wood, and other smooth and textured surfaces.

  • Reusable, durable, washable, convenient
  • How to’ instructions included


  • With proper care, mesh stencils can be used for approx. 10 uses before the emulsion starts to break down. 
  • You can not use this stencil for tracing the calligraphy designs. Try our Mylar stencils for that. 

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