7 Tips to Add A Middle Eastern Charm To Your Home

middle eastern decorating styleThe Middle Eastern style is about wealth and luxury, but also about simplicity and comfort. My decorating style blends the traditional Middle Eastern style with contemporary elegance. If you want to add a Middle Eastern charm to your home, here are 7 tips to follow:

  1. Select rich warm colors such as red, gold, green, brown, or navy to give your home a luxurious Middle Eastern vibe. Contemporary Arabic
  2. Floor seating is popular not only in the Middle East but around the Muslim world. To create floor seating, build a low level bench, top with a thick mattress then scatter pillows all over for comfort. Or simply toss pillows (like these Palestinian embroidered pillows) on the floor to encourage floor seating.Palestinian embroidery
  3. Include Islamic art elements such as Islamic geometric patterns and Arabic calligraphy in the form of area rugs, throw pillows and wall art.Middle eastern style
  4. Invest in a single piece of furniture or accessory that is either carved or inlaid with mother of pearl. The Ottomans inlaid mother of pearl into intricate designs as ornamentation in mosques, castles, furniture and accessories. Since these can be pricy, select pieces that mimic the look of mother of pearl for a luxurious Middle Eastern feel.Mother of pearl
  5. Privacy is of utmost importance in Islam so latticed window screens became a feature of Islamic architecture that provide privacy, climate control, and of course, aesthetics. You can replicate that look in your home with a Moorish inspired window shade.Arabic Window Shade
  6. Decorate with Lanterns. During the Islamic civilization, lanterns were used to light the streets especially during religious festivals. They are an inexpensive way to add a Middle Eastern vibe to your living space.Lanterns
  7. Scatter Middle Eastern inspired home accents around your home. Look for ones that are made of brass, bronze or copper as well as ceramics and pottery.Islamic style archesThis article was first published in Spotdeco, an online home and decor blog.
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