Salaam! I’m Lama, founder of Home Synchronize.

Creator of Arabic calligraphy stencils and decals.

Artists, craft-enthusiasts and lovers of interior design use my custom-made and cut-to-order items as an easy way to apply Arabic calligraphy to their projects.

If there’s one truth about this specific calligraphic artwork, it’s that it’s intricate. It can take years to master.

Drawing and cutting these detailed designs by hand is difficult and time consuming. But feels like the only option when you can’t find the outline or product that’s ‘quite right’ for your unique creation.

Been there, done that and understand the frustration.

That was exactly the problem I faced in 2012. Unable to find the right calligraphic artwork for a room I was furnishing, I resorted to making and hand-cutting my own Arabic stencil.

It. Took. Hours. But the finished product looked great.

At the time, Home Synchronize was an interior design blog. It focused on tips and tricks for fusing traditional Middle Eastern décor with contemporary styles. So when I wrote about my stencilling experience it got a surprising response. 

“I would like to have the Arabic stencils…”

“I am searching for an Arabic stencil which is hard for me to get. Can you send me the link to where you got the Arabic stencil from?”

“I need Arabic stencils for an art project. ASAP.”

Realizing others wanted to create with this beautiful art I was determined to find a quicker, simpler way for everyone to enjoy it.

The motivation was to give people like you more time for the fun part : creating.

Not spending hours rummaging around the internet and shops only to find an Arabic stencil you’re half-convinced will work.

Home Synchronize lets you enjoy the beauty of Arabic calligraphy, your way.

Since 2013 my shop has become a go-to place for people around the world to decorate, paint, stick and draw with Arabic calligraphy. Purchase handpicked Middle Eastern décor to furnish your home, or create your own accessories with stencils and decals.

Now, discovering how this traditional art can synchronize perfectly with contemporary tastes is as simple as it possibly can be.

Over the years, customers have been kind enough to send me stories, comments and pictures of their beautiful work. From decorating journal pages to in-school projects, canvas artwork, centrepieces, gifts, sculptures and even cakes. There seems to be limitless ways people are using and enjoying Home Synchronize products.

Why these stencils are different

Making custom designs and cut-to-order items means you get exactly what you want. Custom designs are drawn by a master calligrapher. Should you require extra embellishments, personalized messages or something completely different, we’ll work with you and handle that for you.

I then cut the design out of single-use vinyl or reusable mylar (your choice). Both are easy to work with and let you bring your vision to life, quicker.

Developing products I’m proud to sell took time.

Originally all items were made from one-use vinyl. Then 7mm mylar, and eventually 10mm mylar — perfect for its durable, reusable and food-safe qualities. I’ve rigorously tried, tested, refined and retested until achieving a product that delivers crisp, clear results no matter what you’re decorating.  

Understanding that not everyone enjoys stencilling, I’ve also created a collection of ever-growing decal designs — perfect for crafters.

You won’t find many stores in the world that do what I do, the way I do it.

Here to help you get the best results

Ordering stencils, decals or home accessories online can be tricky. I understand that. Not being able to see the product means colors and sizes you see on screen might not be quite as you imagined.

That’s why I’m on hand should you have any product questions. Contact me with your project details (or include photos of where you plan to use the item) and I’ll happily advise you on the sizes, colors or ways we can create a custom item that is just right for what you have in mind.  

Browse the Home Synchronize collection and find the perfect stencil, decal or accent for your project.

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