9 Inspirations For Clear Vase Fillers

Clear glass vases come in a variety of elegant shapes that add style to any room. While I love to decorate with colored glass vases, the advantage of clear vases is the variety of options for fillers. Vase fillers add interest through color and texture to any room design. Changing the filler from time to time is an inexpensive way of updating the look and feel in your home. Here are 9 inspirations for clear vase fillers that you might want to try…

Vase filler2Houzz

Vase filler 3Houzz

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Southern Hospitality

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Vase filler 8Southern Living

vase filler 9


As you can see, anything can be used as a vase filler as long as it compliments your home decor. Other examples that might interest you; Colored buttons, seashells, Rose Heads, colored Gems, colored Sand, Cinnamon sticks, wrapped candy, Crystal FibersDecorative Balls, Candles…etc, etc,

A friend of mine gave me these adorable decorative pods that her mother in law makes from wisteria plant. As they dry, the pods pop open to release their seeds, leaving curled up shells behind. These are then collected, cleaned, then painted, and decorated. They can be used any way you can imagine; as christmas ornaments, in flower arrangements, as wind chime, hat accessory, etc. (contact me if you are interested in purchasing your own decorative pods). 

vase filler 1

I decided to use them as vase fillers to decorate my home for Fall …

Vase filler 2

Can you think of other unique ideas for vase fillers?

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