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How to Create a Balanced Color Scheme

Last week, I introduced you to the color wheel and how it is used it to create harmonious color schemes. The next step after deciding on a color scheme is applying it to a room design. Balancing those colors around the room will lead to a successful design (We are just dealing with color for [...]
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Understanding Color Schemes

I love color! But until recently, I was afraid to use bold colors in my home. I limited myself to pastels and neutrals to stay on the safe side and not end up with colors that I could not live with. However, 7 years ago I decided to take a risk and I bought myself [...]
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How To Arrange Tabletop Accessories

Accessories are the icing on the cake when it comes to home décor. They add character to your space because they reflect your style and interests. Accessories can be vases, picture frames, candle holders, books, tabletop plants, trays, decorative plates, toss pillows, throw blankets, wall art, etc. Today I will highlight those accessories that can be [...]
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