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7 Ways To Arrange Furniture In The Same Room

Salam everyone! I hope you had a great memorial day weekend. We took advantage of this long weekend to  put up ceiling fans in all the bedrooms. Okay, so it was my husband who took care of that part! But while he was busy doing that, I got busy rearranging the furniture in the family room. [...]
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Test Your Furniture Arrangement- Part 3

Salam my friends! We are still chatting about the basics behind successful furniture arrangement. In part 1, I explained traffic patterns and how they should guide furniture placement. In part 2, I  shared questions that you could ask yourself while evaluating the space for the best furniture layout. Today, in part 3 of this series,  I [...]
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Test Your Furniture Arrangement-Part 2

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Sunday was mothers day in the U.S., so happy mothers day to all the mothers around the world. While mothers day should be everyday, we all look forward to this day to use as an excuse to torment our children into doing what we please! That may sound evil [...]
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Test Your Furniture Arrangement-Part 1

{After updating my blog a while back, I lost all the images from my old posts!!! In an effort to turn a negative into a positive, I am updating some of them-This is one of these posts} My favorite part of interior decorating is furniture rearrangement. I enjoy creating furniture groupings that serve my family’s [...]
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