The Kalima Rustic Wood Sign

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This wood sign is handcrafted from start to finish using wood stain and stencil so there may be slight imperfections. We know that since you're shopping for handmade decor, then you're not looking for a piece that is mass produced in a factory. This piece will surely add character and charm to home because it is as unique as you. 

It is designed to be free standing so it'll look great on a bookshelf, mantle, tiered tray...just about anywhere since it's small. Kindly note that it does not include any hanging hardware because it's not designed to be hanged. 

This makes a wonderful gift for new house, new office, Ramadan, Eid, and any event that requires a personal touch. 


Product Description:

Arabic Calligraphy: La Illaha Illa Allah, Mohammad Rasool Allah

English Meaning: There is no God but Allah, Mohammad is his messenger

Size: 6" Wide x 6" Tall x 1" Thick

Wood color: Dark walnut

Calligraphy Color: White

Recommended for indoor use only

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