The Kalima Wood Sign

$ 19.50

This wood sign is handcrafted from start to finish using paint and a stencil so there may be slight imperfections. We know that since you're shopping for handmade decor, then you're not looking for a piece that is mass produced in a factory. This piece will surely add character and charm to your home because it is as unique as you. 

It is designed to be free standing so it'll look great on a bookshelf, mantle, tiered tray...just about anywhere since it's small. Kindly note that it does not include any hanging hardware because it's not designed to be hanged. 

This makes a wonderful gift for new house, new office, Ramadan, Eid, and any event that requires a personal touch. 


Product Description:

Arabic Calligraphy: La Ilaha Illa Allah, Mohammad Rasool Allah (Kufi Calligraphy style)

English Meaning: There is no God but Allah, Mohammad is his messenger

Size: 8" Wide x 3" Tall x 1" Thick

Wood color: Black 

Calligraphy Color: Metallic Bronze

Recommended for indoor use only

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