Wa Ala Rezkeka Aftart Decal (Dua' for breaking the fast)

$ 4.35

Arabic Calligraphy: Wa Ala Rezkeka Aftart (in Kufic calligraphy style)

Translation: "And I break my fast with your sustenance"

Size: 1.7 x 6" (approximate) 

We suggest that you measure the specific area that you want to apply the decal to before ordering. If you need a different size, please contact us before ordering and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

Our mini decals are made from high quality permanent vinyl with a high gloss finish. They are water and weather resistant and will last up to 6 years with proper care.  Please don't handle the decal for 24-48 hours after application so the adhesive can cure.

This decal is NOT dishwasher safe. Hand wash for best results. 

Kindly note that colors may vary due to monitor settings. Please keep that in mind when ordering. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

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