10 Creative and Weird Looking Furniture Designs

Happy Friday everyone!! I came across a tweet from Freshome about a Shazam table.  If you are wondering (like I did) what in the world that is, take a look….

That’s a coffee table with a typographic design by Evil Robot Designs. It looks truly unique and amazing. I don’t know about you, but I love it!! I am sure my kids would love it as well especially that the word Shazam came from a comic book and is fun to use……. and abuse!

That led me to look for other creative and weird looking furniture designs in the marketplace.

Here’s a peak….

Straight Line Designs 

 Straight Line Designs

Straight Line Designs 

Design Swan 

 Curious Photos

Webdesigner DepotFurnicraft



Would you use any of these in your home? Do you think thy would be functional? Please share your thoughts below.

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