7 Creative Layouts for Empty Frame Wall Gallery

We were visiting my brother-in law on Saturday, when his wife showed me three gorgeous frames she recently bought.  She was going to use them to display family photos but I suggested a more creative option….

I love frames! Especially in a gallery. I believe they can be an inexpensive way of sprucing up walls. In my first ever blog post { Creative Art 1} I shared some suggestions on what to frame. Then in Creative Art 2, I showed you how to create a wall gallery. So, it was no surprise that my creative suggestion to my sister in law was

An Empty Frame Wall Gallery

Here are 7 creative Layouts to inspire you {Nour} and everyone interested in making a bold statement on their walls. Please click on the link under each photo for a tutorial. Enjoy!

Classicly Amber 

Living with Lindsay

Everyday Lovely

Madigan Made

Wise Designs Inspirations

Lemon Tree Creations

Style Whipped

I am no expert at this but it seems that the key to a visually attractive arrangement is the variety in shape, size and thickness of the frames. To learn more about creating an empty frame wall gallery, check out Erin’s 10 tips at  Lemon Tree Creations.  I have yet to create my own wall gallery, but I have the perfect spot in mind for one! I am currently in the process of collecting the frames.

So, would you create an empty frame wall  gallery in your home? Do you think it is a unique or boring idea?

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