8 Contemporary Spaces Inspired By Islamic Design

If you have been following my blog (and facebook page), then you already know that I am fond of the eclectic style of decorating that mixes contemporary  with Islamic design elements. I have mentioned some of those elements in my exploring islamic design post. Arches, Jali screens, mosaics, Islamic calligraphy, lanterns, geometric patterns and arabesque are the most noticeable characteristics that convey an Islamic style. Keep these elements in mind when you browse through the following examples of modern interpretations of Islamic design.

islamic inspired space 8Alberto Pinto 

islamic inspired space 7Douglas Friedman 

islamic inspired space 6Hub Pages 

islamic inspired space 3Valerie Dahan

islamic inspired space 5Zen Interiors 

islamic styleHouzz

islamic inspired space 2Ryad Dyor Marrakech

Islamic inspired space 1Broosk Saib

In my humble opinion, you don’t need much to add Islamic character to your own home. Incorporate two or three Islamic design elements into your decor, and you are set.

Do you include Islamic design elements in your home decor? Which one is your favorite?

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