DIY Tile Coasters With Arabic Alphabets

As I was organizing the basement the other day, I found a box filled with white small tile leftover from the previous owners . I remember seeing examples of tile coasters on Pinterest a while back, so I thought that this tile would be perfect for that. The first idea that came to mind was to use Arabic alphabet stencils & decals to decorate the tile.  I experimented with four different techniques to create tile coasters with Arabic alphabets.

coasters with arabic alphabets

Remember my stenciled mug and saucer with arabic alphabets?

Stenciled Mug With Arabic Alphabets

Stenciled Mug With Arabic Alphabets

Instead of cutting individual letters and placing them randomly on the surface as I did with the mug, I created a stencil design of random Arabic alphabets.

Arabic alphabet stencilI used a vinyl stencil to create my first coaster. After cleaning the tile, I followed the application instructions to apply the stencil to the surface. Immediately after painting the stencil, I peeled it off. Note: if you wait for the paint to dry, it will peel off with the stencil!

Arabic alphabets stencil 2

arabic alphabets stencil3

arabic alphabets stencil 4

arabic alphabets stencil5

Next, I did a reverse stencil for my second coaster. Basically, I applied a vinyl decal, painted over it then slowly weeded out the letters.

Arabic alphabets decal 1

arabic alphabets decal2

arabic calligraphy decal 2

Arabic alphabet decal 3

arabic alphabets decal 4

For my third coaster, I simply used a decal of Arabic alphabets to decorate the tile. I followed the application instructions to apply the decal to the clean tile. Then, I added a layer of mod podge to seal the surface and prevent the vinyl from peeling.

arabic alphabets 10

arabic alphabets decal 2

arabic alphabets decals 3

And finally, I used another decal of Arabic alphabets over a piece of scrapbook paper. First, I cut a piece of scrapbook paper a bit smaller than the size of the tile. Then I used mod podge to glue it on. Next, I followed the application instructions to apply the vinyl decal over the scrapbook paper. I topped it with a thin layer of Mod Podge to seal it. (Note: Mod podge is sticky, so make sure the coasters are thoroughly dry before using)

mod podge coaster

mod podge 2

modpodge coaster 3

arabic alphabets

Arabic calligraphy coaster 4

All done!

Arabic calligraphy coasters

To keep the tile from scratching my table, I glued felt on the backside of each tile.

What do you think? Which Arabic alphabet coaster is your favorite?

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