8 Nontraditional Variations For Your Accent Table

I used to think that furniture should match in style, shape and color for a room to look nice. Not anymore! While there is nothing wrong with that look, I have grown to prefer the mismatched look instead!

Allow me to explain…..

The gorgeous night stands below balance each other out because they are exactly the same. That is referred to as symmetrical balance {I explained it here}. The result is a room that feels formal and dare I say….Boring!

However, the dissimilar look of the night stands in the bedroom below gives it excitement. That is Asymmetrical balance! To put it simply; because they are dissimilar, each one will demand your attention, so your eyes won’t be able to focus on just one of them. The result is a room that is casual and fun.  [Click on the link to learn how to pull off mismatched night stands].

It takes practice to produce successful designs with Asymmetrical balance, but it is worth a try.

Start with mismatching your accent tables (follow the example above).  Here are 8 nontraditional variations for your accent table……..


Real Simple


Martha Stewart


Country Living

Digs Digs


It’s that simple!  Are you inspired yet?

Which idea do you like the most? Which one would you be willing to try?

What other non-traditional ideas do you have for a night stand or end table? please share in the comments below.

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