A Mood Board For Your Home Office Design

I promised a friend of mine to create a mood board for her home office. Without filling out a detailed client questioner {which is important in the design process}, she told me that all she needs is plenty of hidden storage for office supplies {paper clips, hole puncher, notepads, etc} and a place to organize her files.  She loves earth tones with splashes of red for a color palate.

Back to Olioboard I went to create my concept board for a home office,

Home Office

{Click on the picture to enlarge}

I chose a large bookcase with a glass door cabinet that provides open shelve space as well as cabinet storage. The combination of open and closed shelves turns this bookcase into a versatile and impresive piece of furniture in the office. Selecting glass over wooden door cabinet gives the bookcase a touch of elegance without compromising function.

The desk has several drawers that can be used to store office supplies that are needed for daily use. A small filing cabinet serves a dual function as a side table. Storage bins placed in the bookcase cabinet can be used to organize photos, papers, even mail out of sight. A love seat in the office gives a sense of comfort and creates an inviting space for socializing with family members and close friends.

I love to create elegant and functional spaces. I hope you find that this home office concept board reflects  that vision. As for you, my friend Safeya, I hope that I was able to “see” your needs in a home office and translate them into a functional and elegant design for you.

Have a great weekend!

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