All About Accent Walls

I mentioned earlier that I am planning to re-design my daughters’ bedroom. I have several ideas that I would love to try, one of them is an accent wall behind the headboard. In order to do it right, I surfed the net for tips on creating successful accent walls. This post is a summary of the information I collected to help you { and me} learn all about accent walls.

What is an accent wall? 

It is a single wall that looks different from the rest of the walls in a room . It is used to add color, texture, interest, and to define a spaces in an open plan.


An accent wall will draw attention to itself , so it should be used to highlight something beautiful in a room. For example, since the bed is usually the highlight of the bedroom, creating an accent wall behind it will focus the attention onto it.

Elle Decor 

The accent wall should relate to the room design. When choosing an accent wall, make sure the colors coordinate with the rest of the room. In the example below, the accent wall looks like it is part of the room design because its color is balanced by the yellow chairs and pillows. 

Better Homes and Gardens

How do you select the right wall to use as the accent wall?

A good question to ask yourself before you decide on a wall is:

Why do I need to focus attention on that particular wall? Do I want to show off the ….


decor pad


Elle Decor

Wall niche


Great view



Architectural Digest

Click here , and here for tips on how to select which wall to paint as the accent wall?

What are the materials that can be used to create amazing accent walls?

Decor Pad 

Decor Pad


Decor Pad


If you would prefer to only use paint, here are a few ideas on how it can be applied to create striking focal points….

Source (clockwise) : dwelement,  decorpad, decorpadHouzz,

An accent wall can be an impressive focal point in a room or a distraction {in a bad way}. I hope I have given you the tools to create impressive ones in your home. As for me, I feel confident now to begin work on the accent wall in my daughters’ bedroom.

How do you feel about accent walls? Would you have one in your home? Which room? How do you think that is going to enhance the look of that room?

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