Amazing DIY projects!

Welcome to DIY Friday! In keeping with my theme for this week, I decided to share with you two interesting DIY projects that involve stencils.

My first choice comes from Jess who used stencils to create her own canvas art. She shows us how simple it can be in her Make Under My Life blog. Doesn’t that look Great!!

Heather from DIY du Jour also created an amazing canvas art using stencils, but in a different way. I thought you would enjoy the two different methods.

The next DIY project truly inspires me to try my own. It is stenciling with a twist!

You will appreciate the step-by-step instructions combined with photos from FLOR. She makes it look sooooo simple to create such a beautiful dresser, so maybe it is! This is one project waiting to happen in MY household.

What can YOU create with stencils? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

Enjoy your weekend!

Until Next Time~



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