Arabic Calligraphy Stenciled Tabletop

I love my end table with an exotic flare that I painted last December. But I felt that the top is missing something! So I decided to personalize it with the first letter in our last Name.

This is how my end table looked after I painted it with Annie Sloan’s chalk paint {Versailles}. Not bad, eh?

I began by sanding the tabletop lightly to get the wax off. Then, I wiped it down with a damp cloth before painting it with a foam brush.

To personalize the tabletop, I chose to stencil it with the first letter in our last name. And, to be unique, I decided to do it in our native tongue of Arabic. The arabic letter “Noon” is equivalent to the letter N in English .

But, I was not looking for a simple letter, I wanted an artistic representation of the letter, and I found that in this Quranic verse…{ this means: Noon, By the pen and that which they write}

Source: via Lama on Pinterest


Next, I prepared a vinyl stencil of the letter Noon.

That was such a Baaaaaaaddddd idea!! As soon as I removed the vinyl stencil, the paint came off with it. Very. very.very. disappointing!!! I should have known better!!

Back to square one.

Sand and paint again….{Note: I found that fixing a mistake in chalk paint is simple because you can “erase” it by sanding. Just like you would erase a drawing on a chalk board, you will have a lot of dust}

This time, I created a reusable stencil of the letter Noon

I used Folk Art “Burnt Umber” color to highlight the letter.

Then, I applied 3 coats of Annie Sloan clear wax to protect the surface. I waited 10 minutes between coats for the wax to dry.

All done!!

A beautiful, unique and personalized end table for our family room.

In case you missed it, this is my table Before

And this is the After

I am happy now!

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