Are you ready to DIY?

Hello and welcome to DIY Friday.  In my search for vintage wall art for the mudroom, I came across this one from Bed Bath and Beyond. The words are inspiring but the price tag is not. I just don’t feel right paying  $99 for something that looks so simple. I am sorry, but that’s me!

So, I searched the blog world to see if anyone attempted to recreate such wall art. OMG, Let me just say: YOU WILL BE AMAZED at the talent out there. I found a fun, simple and really doable subway art creation at Thrifty Décor Chick. Sarah shows us how to create our own personalized subway art by using picnik. Click here to learn more about this free photo editing program.

My second choice for simple DIY projects comes from Becca. Look at the picture below and tell me what looks “handmade”?

Would you believe it if I told you it’s the curtains! Stenciled! Don’t they look fantastic! Wow, I think I am falling in love with stencils!

Read the step-by-step tutorial at Gardeners 2 Bergers to learn how you can create that look in your home. This is a simple project if you are willing to spend the time doing it.

Enjoy your weekend!

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