Can You Name 5 Arabic Calligraphy Styles?

When I ask my customers which calligraphy style they prefer for their stencil custom order, most of them have no idea about the different styles of Arabic calligraphy. I briefly mentioned them in this article but today I would like you to join me as I take a closer look at Arabic calligraphy as it evolved during the Islamic civilization. It is an informative, easy to read, article that will highlight the original Arabic calligraphy styles.


If you are not interested in learning about the development of the Arabic script into the various Arabic calligraphy styles known today, I understand! As long as we get to enjoy the aesthetics of the art, who cares about the history, right? Well, according to this artist, we should.

To truly appreciate a work of art, you need to see it as more than a single, isolated creation: there must be context. This is because art is not timeless. Every painting is created within a particular environment, and if you do not understand that environment, you will never be able to appreciate what the artist has to offer you. This is why, when you study the work of a particular artist, it makes sense to learn something about his life and the culture in which he lived.

Arabic calligraphy grew with the spread of Islam and became known as Islamic calligraphy. It is no surprise that Islamic calligraphy was and still is the most popular form of art in muslim homes. As you will learn after reading this article, the original calligraphy styles emerged as a result of the cultural diversity in the muslim regions. Till this day, new Islamic calligraphy styles that reflect the artists’ culture and style are emerging. Below is an example of a modern calligraphy style known as Calligraffiti by artist el Saed. Inshallah I plan to write about modern Arabic calligraphy styles in the future but for now we shall focus on the original calligraphy styles.


I believe that learning about the history of the Islamic calligraphy used in our home decor will add to its value and meaning which will lead us to develop a deeper appreciation for our faith as well as our history.

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Can you name 5 Arabic calligraphy styles?




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