Coffee Tables: Wood Or Ottoman?

I am seeing more and more of these ottoman coffee tables in decorating magazines ……..

Why would people switch to an ottoman coffee table? Is it a design statement? Is it for function?

In my case, I have switched my wooden coffee table years ago after the birth of my third child . I learned from experience that children and wooden coffee tables don’t have a peaceful relationship. So, I bought my first ever {storage} ottoman coffee table.

8 years later, my ottoman coffee table is still as comfortable, as durable, and as functional as when I first got it.

The advantages of the ottoman coffee table is the comfort that comes with having one. You can rest your feet on them {without fear of scratching the surface}, provides extra seating when needed, adds color and style to the space , in many cases provides extra storage, and it is perfect in homes with children.

The advantage of the wooden coffee table is that it is adds a natural element to any space. This natural beauty is elegant and gives a sense of formality to any space {at least in my book.}

Personally, I would use an ottoman coffee table in a casual setting and a wooden coffee table in a formal setting. That said, I decided to turn the “coffee table” in my bedroom sitting area into a tufted ottoman. Why, you ask?

Take a look at the before picture……{ ugly, uncomfortable, and really not a table in the first place-more about this in a future post}

And here is the after picture…..{Ahhh, big difference!}

(P.S. Ignore the ugliness all around…that is a future design project! )

So, which type of Coffee table do you prefer? Wood or Ottoman?

Or maybe you prefer a blend of both…

No matter which type you prefer,  consider the following  10 things when choosing a coffee table.

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