Color Psychology: Decorating With Black

Welcome to the first post in the weekly series; Decorating with color. Today I will explore decorating with a color that some might consider “depressing”!!

What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of black?


Darkness is usually associated with ……..

  • Fear {of the unknown}
  • Rest {think night time}
  • Cold
  • Loneliness
  • Death
  • Evil

Yikes! Who. ever. wants. to decorate their home with black and live with these strong emotions!!

Anyone who steps back and looks at the positive side of darkness {black} would probably try.

  • Mysterious
  • Sophisticated
  • Dramatic
  • Powerful
  • Modern
  • Formal

Decorating with black is not easy; It can be overwhelming and depressing or dazzling and dramatic. The key word {as usual} is visual balance; black’s powerful effect is softened when combined with natural lighting and neutral colors.

Take a look at the following interiors successfully decorated with black….








How about that! Black is not as dreary as I originally thought! It is actually fascinating………ofcourse, when done right!

Personally, I only have one black frame {I am more into brown} which I hung in the office -it makes it look formal! I emphasized it with a stenciled black backdrop for interest.

How about you? Do you decorate with Black ? If not, would you consider it? I would love to hear your  thoughts, please share them in the comments below.

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