Color Psychology: Decorating With White

Welcome back friends! So far, I have explored decorating with Black, Green, Violet, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Red, Pink, and Grey Today I will be exploring decorating with White, the last post in this series.  

Color psychology of White

Peaceful and comfortable

Light and airy

Encourages organization

Indicates cleanliness

Reflects simplicity


Too much white gives a cold and boring vibe.

Harmonious Color schemes with White

Decorating with White is easy because it is a neutral that goes with everything. Notice how colors “pop” against the following white interiors.

 Traditional Home



Better Homes and Gardens 


Elle Decor

Apartment Modern

An all white color palate can run the risk of being boring because there is nothing interesting to focus on. You have to create that interest by varying the shades of white, and the texture in the room. The image below from  House To Home is anything but boring!

How would you decorate with white? Would you use it to highlight other colors, or would you prefer an all-white color palate? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

That’s it for decorating with white, and for the color psychology series. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Next week, I will summarize all the color psychology posts to further simplify the process of selecting the right colors for your home. Stay close!

Have a great weekend!

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