Decorating with Color-A Summary


Decorating with color

According to David Freeman at WebMD

……. proponents of color psychology believe that the colors you use to decorate your home can have a profound effect on the emotional well-being of you and your family.”

Color has an effect on us physically and emotionally so it is important to know where and how to include colors in our home. I created this cheat sheet (posts) for you to have a comprehensive guide to successfully decorate your home with color. Enjoy!

Hue : Red

Color Psychology: Warm. Inviting. Boosts confidence. Improves concentration and memory. Stimulates the appetite. Too much of it can trigger aggression.

Room Suggestions: Dining Room, Living Room, Family Room

Color Schemes: See here

Hue: Orange

Color Psychology: Energetic. Optimistic. Stimulates the appetite. Encourages conversation.

Room Suggestion:  Living Room, Family Room, Dining Room, Study, Kitchen

Color Schemes: See here

Hue: Yellow

Color Psychology:  Optimistic. Warm. Happy. Stimulates the mind. Improves Memory. Encourages creativity. Too much of it can cause anxiety

Room Suggestion:  Kitchen, Hallway, Bathroom, Study, Basement, Mudroom, Bedroom, Family room, Living room, Dining room.

Color Schemes: See here

Hue: Green

Color Psychology: Relaxing. Reduces stress and anxiety.Improves concentration.Induces positive attitude.

Room Suggestion: Study, Bathroom, Bedroom

Color Schemes: See here

Decorating with Green

Hue: Blue

Color Psychology:  Calming. Aids in communication and concentration. Encourages creativity. suppresses the appetite.

Room Suggestion:  Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Family Room, Study.

Color Schemes: See here

Hue: Violet

Color Psychology: Encourages meditation. Stimulates empathy and compassion. Inspires creativity. Boosts confidence.

Room Suggestion:  Dining room, Living room, Bedroom, Study, Entry Hall, Bathroom

Color Schemes: See here

Hue: Pink

Color Psychology: Soothing. Warm. Caring. Happy.

Room Suggestion: Bedroom, Entry hall, Bathroom

Color Schemes: See here

Hue: Brown

Color Psychology: Warm. Inviting. Comfortable. Inspires order and organization.

Room Suggestion:  All rooms

Color Schemes: See here

Hue: Grey

Color Psychology:  Calming, Conservative, Sophisticated, Serious, Depressing

Room Suggestion: All rooms

Color Schemes: See here

Hue: Black

Color Psychology: Modern. Formal. Sophisticated. Powerful. Dramatic. Cold. Depressing.

Room Suggestion: Use to highlight other colors in all rooms.

Color Schemes: See here

Hue: White

Color Psychology:  Brings comfort. Reflects simplicity. Sophisticated. Encourages organization

Room Suggestions: All rooms

Color Schemes: See here

I  believe that by understanding the psychological effect of colors and how they coordinate together, it is easier to use them to create a comfortable home. 

I don’t claim to be a color expert (Yet!) but I like to think that I have an understanding of  the basics. In the end, this is what I have shared with you….. the basics.

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