DIY-How to Stencil a Curtain

Happy Monday my friends! I hope you had a great weekend!

It is no secret that I am in love with stencils. I shared many projects with stencils on my blog; Fun with stencils, Arabic Calligraphy stenciled tabletop, and  hurricane candle holders etched with Islamic Calligraphy are some examples of my work with stencils. Today’s project is a little different because I stenciled on fabric {for the first time}.

 After painting the striped accent wall in my daughters’ bedroom , I knew that a stenciled drapery would be a unique complement.

But, what pattern would be a suitable complement to stripes?

As I explained in how to mix fabric patterns with confidence, a floral pattern would be perfect. However, my 8-year-old daughter is not too fond of flowers, so I came up with the next best thing.

I designed that pattern then printed it onto stencil paper.

Next, I followed Jenna’s directions on How to hem a curtain to shorten the length of the white drapery panels I purchased from Ikea. In case sewing is a challenge for you {as it is for me}, you can use a fusible tape to hem your curtains. That is exactly what I did….

I decided to stencil the lower part of the panels in pink (Behr Foxy Pink), and add a border above that in brown (Behr Winter Oak). So, I gathered my supplies….

-leftover paint from the accent wall

-Floetrol mixing medium

-Paint brush

-Stencil pattern and stencil brush

-Measuring tape

-Painters tape

I laid one panel on the kitchen table, measured 24″ from the bottom, then marked the length with painters tape. That was the section of the panel to be stenciled.

I mixed the pink paint with Floetrol according to the direction, then stenciled the pattern onto the panel. 

Once the paint dried, I measured 2″ for the border stripe. I mixed the brown paint with Floetrol and painted the stripe using a paint brush.

All Done!

I plan to hang these drapes from a rod that is close to the ceiling. As you can tell from that “poof” underneath, that has not been done yet!

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