DIY Ramadan Lantern with a Vinyl Decal-{Video Tutorial}

DIY Ramadan Lantern

Are you ready for Ramadan? I feel like I have to take a deep breath to gather all my energy and get ready for a whole month of fasting and prayer. Each one of us welcomes Ramadan with their own personal challenges. Some of us work long hours where our work requires us to be on our feet, meet with customers, work in the heat, go to school, etc. For each one of us, Ramadan is going to be a challenge because its a break in our routine.

But that’s OK.

Facing a challenge makes us stronger. In fact, I believe that Allah ordained the pillars of Islam to help us discipline ourselves in order to strengthen us not only in faith but as human beings. Fasting teaches us patience, self restraint,kindness, generosity, forgiveness, and its apparently good for our health too (of course Allah does not make us do anything that will bring us harm so nothing new here).

One way I get myself (and my family) ready for the blessed month is by decorating my home for Ramadan. I found this wonderful article on Decorating with a spin that shares 6 reasons from moms living in the west on why they decorate for Ramadan. Unlike our brothers and sisters living in the Muslim world, I feel that I have to put more effort to create a Ramadan vibe to help my kids (and myself) connect and enjoy this blessed month.

In today’s video, I combine two elements in Islamic design to create a product that is perfect for Ramadan. This DIY Ramadan Lantern project is simple, beautiful, and festive. I hope that this will inspire you to create your own.Enjoy!

I found this lantern at Home Goods then designed the perfect decal to go with it (shop for it here). Look for a lantern that does not have any designs on the glass so you could easily apply the decal to it. Contact me if you need the decal in a different size.

How do you decorate for Ramadan? Share your photos with me on Facebook and Instagram

Ramadan Mubarak!


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