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Ramadan. Got Inspiration? Check this

Have you decorated your home for Ramadan yet? I have not! I like to set the mood the night before. I plan on using the Ramadan wooden letters and Ramadan decorative pillow from last year, along with the Ramadan canvas art that I made last week. I was surfing Pinterest for ideas on fun and easy [...]
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Ramadan Canvas Wall Art in 10 Easy Steps

Salam my friends! Please forgive my absence from blogging. I have been under a lot of pressure these couple of months that blogging had to take a back seat for a while. Now that everything is under control again (inshallah), I have been able to create a couple of craft projects to share with you. I [...]
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Decorating For Ramadan: Iron On Calligraphy

I am having fun decorating for Ramadan! On Tuesday I shared a fun Ramadan craft that involves wooden letters. Today, I will share a super easy project that will add Ramadan vibe to any room in your home. You need…. Pillow cover Heat transfer decal Iron scrap cotton fabric The process… How easy is that! [...]
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Decorating For Ramadan: Wooden Letters

Less than 10 days from today, the holy month of Ramadan will begin inshallah. This is a blessed month in the muslim calendar where Allah calls upon all the believers to abstain from eating, drinking, and sexual activity from sunrise to sunset. We are encouraged to focus on our spiritual side by performing extra prayers, [...]
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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Salam everyone, I am back after a two month break with my family in Jordan. I am slowly adjusting to life on my own after being spoiled for so long. Here is a glimpse of how my family and I spent our time in Amman….. Sight seeing; here is an example of the architecture present [...]
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