Ramadan. Got Inspiration? Check this

Have you decorated your home for Ramadan yet? I have not! I like to set the mood the night before. I plan on using the Ramadan wooden letters and Ramadan decorative pillow from last year, along with the Ramadan canvas art that I made last week. I was surfing Pinterest for ideas on fun and easy ways to countdown for Eid (I believe this would encourage my 10 year old to fast these long summer days).  I found one along with other great ideas that I thought you might love to try. Ramadan Inspirations Got inspiration? Check this

  • Thank you to Hani Shabbir from Craftionary for this simple and elegant download. You just need a frame and a sharpie to countdown for Eid. Brilliant!


  • The next inspiration comes from Dream, Create who shared a simple way to make elegant lanterns using a paper cutter

paper lantern

  •  Another wonderful idea to encourage our children to save money (for charity), check these colorful jars from Noor Janan homeschool. She used them for goodies but they are so pretty you could punch a hole in the lid and turn them into piggy banks.

charity jar

  • I really want to try this next idea with my daughter. Mini Lanterns from Ramadan Joy. Imagine colorful scattered mini lanterns on the Iftar table.


  • Here is another simple idea from Ramadan Joy, A colorful letter Garland.


  •  Finally, a not so simple idea but it sure looks amazing! She calls it an onion dome box, I call it a mini minaret. If any of you out there are as talented as this person, I am sharing this for you.

dome-7 Are you inspired? Which idea do you like the most? Ramadan Mubarak!

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