Calling All Bakers And Non Bakers. Exciting News For Both!

Take a look at this beautiful work by CakeStory in Kuwait…

Cake with arabic alphabets

Mashallah, I love the idea of Arabic calligraphy on cakes as a unique alternative to the English celebratory sayings. So guess what? For the past couple of months I have been working hard to create food safe stencils with Arabic celebratory sayings to make cake decorating easier on you.

There was a lot to learn since my specialty is home decor stencils. With cake stencils, I needed a material that is food safe and would work with different media such as icing, confectionary sugar, and paint. Alhamdulilah, after several trials and errors, I am excited to announce the addition of Food Safe Stencils to my Etsy shop.

Take a look …

Cake arabic stencil mabrook


cake arabic stencil for did

Mubarak your Eid

cake arabic stencil

Alhamdulilah for your safe return 

Cake stencil for graduation

Congrats graduation

Cake stencil for Hajj

Hajj Mabroor (congrats for Hajj)

Cake arabic stencil for baby

May Allah Make this a happy baby 

Alhmadulilah, I was able to create cupcake size stencils as well for some of the quotes…

cupcake arabic stencils

If you are not a baker, join the club! I often bake cakes during winter time (love the warm smell in the house) but I have zero talent in decorating my cakes. I just add frosting and call it a design! Stencils are known to help in this area.

I gave my stencils a try with sugar dusting over unfrosted cake, then cocoa dusting over  iced cake…

Arabic cake stencil

cake stencil arabic

Yay! I love it! so easy….and unique.  How exciting is this?

Did I mention that these stencils are durable, washable, and reusable?

Well, they are. I made sure of it.

Come on over to the shop and order your food safe stencil today.

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