Celebrate Eid With This Craft Idea

Its not too early to celebrate Eid. That’s what I told my son when he remarked that Ramadan is only ten days in and I am already preparing for Eid! Why not? The days are going fast and before we know it, this blessed month of Ramadan will be over. May Allah accept it from us. Eid craft idea Today I have another DIY project with craft letters that I believe you will enjoy. It follows the same procedure as the Ramadan wooden letter craft and the Ramadan canvas wall art. But this time, I am using large paper mache letters I found at Jo Ann Fabrics. Eid letters 2 You will also need *Scrapbook paper *Mod Podge *X-acto knife *Sponge Brushes *Paint (I used Elegant Finish Metallic paint) *Eid Mubarak decal Eid art Step 1: Use the foam brush to paint the sides of the letters.  Eid letters 3 Step 2: After cutting the scrapbook paper to size, apply a thin layer of ModPodge then smooth the paper over the letter Eid craft Step 3: Flip the letters over  Eid letter craft  Step 4: Trim away the excess paper with an X-acto knife. Eid craft 4 Step 5: Repeat this process for both sides of each letter.  Eid craft 2 Step 6: I like to add a unique touch to my decor, and Arabic calligraphy (saying Eid Mubarak) is as unique as it gets. Follow the application instructions to apply the decal to one of the letters.Eid calligraphy Eid craft 5 Step 7: Apply a thin layer of ModPodge over the letters to seal and protect them.  Step 8: I decided to stack my letters to add interest to my design but you can skip this step if you like. If you do decide to stack your letters, you will need to add a base. I found this wooden base in the wood graving section in Michaels, then painted it with the same paint as the letters. I used ModPodge to glue the letters together. EidEid 2   All Done! A fun and easy craft project to celebrate Eid. It took me around an hour to complete. Not bad! Eid alphabet craft Happy Eid!

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