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Arabic Eid Greeting On Glass! {A video tutorial}

Happy Eid my friends! May Allah accept your prayers, supplications and best of deeds. Today I will be sharing a video tutorial to show you how to etch on glass using an Arabic calligraphy stencil. I used a vinyl stencil of the Arabic greeting for Eid (birthdays and a new year) that says; “Kol Aam Wa Antom [...]
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A Token Of Appreciation-Personalized Artwork

Salaam my friends. How are you? I hope you are taking advantage of these blessed final days of Ramadan. Today’s post is a DIY wall art that has nothing to do with Islamic calligraphy stencils but it could be. Read on. A month ago my youngest daughter (Razann) graduated from preschool. My baby is going [...]
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10 Eid Gift Ideas I Found On Etsy

Ever since I joined the Etsy community it has been my go to marketplace for unique goods. Its a wonderful place for artisans from all over the world to sell their own handmade creations. Whatever you can think of; clothing, home decor, accessories, jewelry, books, art, paper crafts, shoes, toys, and of course craft supplies (like my [...]
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Celebrate Eid With This Craft Idea

Its not too early to celebrate Eid. That’s what I told my son when he remarked that Ramadan is only ten days in and I am already preparing for Eid! Why not? The days are going fast and before we know it, this blessed month of Ramadan will be over. May Allah accept it from us. [...]
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DIY Glass Block Eid Decoration

Salam everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Muslims will soon be celebrating Eid Al Adha (Festival of sacrifice) that marks the end of Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca). During this Eid, financially able muslims are required to sacrifice a sheep and share the meat with the poor in remembrance of prophet Ibrahim’s trial to [...]
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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Salam everyone, I am back after a two month break with my family in Jordan. I am slowly adjusting to life on my own after being spoiled for so long. Here is a glimpse of how my family and I spent our time in Amman….. Sight seeing; here is an example of the architecture present [...]
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