10 Eid Gift Ideas I Found On Etsy

Ever since I joined the Etsy community it has been my go to marketplace for unique goods. Its a wonderful place for artisans from all over the world to sell their own handmade creations. Whatever you can think of; clothing, home decor, accessories, jewelry, books, art, paper crafts, shoes, toys, and of course craft supplies (like my Arabic calligraphy stencils ;)), you are sure to come across something that you will love. This makes Etsy the best place for gifts. You can be sure that your gift is a little more special because it is handmade with love and that no one will give the same gift as you.


Eid is coming up inshallah so if you are looking for unique gifts for you or your friends, check out these 10 Eid gift ideas that I found on Etsy.

    1. Eid Loop Banner from Eccentric Designs 102. A beautiful damask banner made from card stock and embellished with dangling acrylic crystals. Best of all, it can be customized in any color.Eccentric Designs 102
    2. Set of 3 wall canvases with Tasbeeh (Subhan Allah, Alhamdulilah, Allah Akbar) from Personal Islamic Gifts. I love the raised 3D effect of the calligraphy. Personal Islamic Gifts
    3. Islamic canvas in golden colors from My Veil Arts. This artisan paints beautiful henna patterns and jewels onto canvases and candles. So creative mashallah! My Veil Arts
    4. Islamic Fridge Magnet with Shahada from Color My WallColor My Wall
    5. “Alhamdulilah” 3D Table Decor from Modern Wall Art 1. This shop specializes in 3D Islamic decor and they carry a wide variety of Islamic calligraphy quotes. Modern Wall Art 1
    6.  3D Islamic calligraphy sculpture from Bella 3D Models featuring “Alhamdulilah Rab Al Alameen”. Made out of 3 interlocking layers of plexiglass and painted with glass paint. Eye catching and unique! You can tell that I have a thing for 3D calligraphy?  Bella 3D Models
    7. Islamic magnets on tile from Remembrance In Art. A creative way to surround yourself with Islamic reminders and strengthen your faith. Love it! Remembrance in art
    8. Hand engraved “Bismillah Al Rahman Al Raheem” in Arabic calligraphy with English translation on curved glass plaque from IcBazar. This shop carries a beautiful variety of crystal collection etched with Islamic calligraphy. An elegant gift idea for the home or the office. IcBazar
    9. Islamic calligraphy painting of Surat Ikhlas from Islamic Imprints.  Islamic imprints
    10. Paper cut family tree with Islamic calligraphy from Huez Unlimited. Elegant and delicate paper cut art that is ready to frame. Huez Unlimited

What did you think of my Eid gift selections? Which ones would you love to receive?

Disclaimer: I do not endorse, nor did I receive any gift or monetary compensation from the shops featured in this post. I am simply sharing my suggestions for unique gift ideas that I am sure you will love!

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