How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Salam everyone, I am back after a two month break with my family in Jordan. I am slowly adjusting to life on my own after being spoiled for so long. Here is a glimpse of how my family and I spent our time in Amman…..

Sight seeing; here is an example of the architecture present in Amman.  Arches and columns are a common feature.

My kids had the privilege of going to Ajloun to tour Qal’at Al Rabad which was build in 1184 AD by one of Salladin’s generals. {Click on the link to learn about this historic castle .}

View from the top….Amazing!

We enjoyed having to pick our own fruit  from the backyard. They taste so sweeeettttt!!!!!

Speaking of great taste, here are some of the foods that we got to enjoy prepared by my very own MOM. Why doesn’t my food ever look this good.

And the traditional Jordanian Mansaf….Yummmmm

 Here are the kids practicing the right way of eating Mansaf… hand!

During our visit, we got to experience Ramadan in a muslim country. Daily life takes on a new routine during this holly month of fasting; work hours are reduced, restaurants are closed during the morning hours, no one is allowed to eat and drink in public during fasting hours, and night life becomes the norm.

I took this picture in Taj Mall at 2 AM!!! Me….not only awake but out of the house at 2Am!!! Fun!  

After Ramadan we celebrated Eid Al Fitr. The last time I experienced Eid in Amman was 21 years ago, so to wake up at 5 am to the sound of Takberat Al Eid was so exciting. Unfortunately, my baby accidentally deleted the video I recorded of that, but if you click on the link you will get to hear what I am talking about.

I managed to squeeze in two design projects in my parent’s home. The first one was simple where I updated  old frames with the addition of a mat and new frames. My dad bought these art drawings on silk during a trip to china a long long long time ago. The art itself was in good shape, but not the frames! He was so happy to see them transform and come to life again.

The second one was not as easy. My mom had asked a carpenter to design a simple shoe cabinet for the entry area. But that was before I got there! I changed the design into the one you see below. I love the pattern and the mirror which opens up this small and dark entry.

……And now to the best part of this summer vacation

Our family reunion

I love you and miss you all  

Its your turn now, how did you spend your summer vacation?

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