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Arabic Eid Greeting On Glass! {A video tutorial}

Happy Eid my friends! May Allah accept your prayers, supplications and best of deeds. Today I will be sharing a video tutorial to show you how to etch on glass using an Arabic calligraphy stencil. I used a vinyl stencil of the Arabic greeting for Eid (birthdays and a new year) that says; “Kol Aam Wa Antom [...]
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Calling All Bakers And Non Bakers. Exciting News For Both!

Take a look at this beautiful work by CakeStory in Kuwait… Mashallah, I love the idea of Arabic calligraphy on cakes as a unique alternative to the English celebratory sayings. So guess what? For the past couple of months I have been working hard to create food safe stencils with Arabic celebratory sayings to make [...]
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DIY Stenciled Mug & Saucer with Arabic Alphabets

Salam my friends! How are you? Life is back to its normal routine here in the Nayfeh household now that summer break is over, and school is back in session.  We did not travel to Jordan this year, but we managed to take 2 car trips during this summer. For the fourth of July, we [...]
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