Dream On! 6 Gorgeous Mirrors In The Arabic Style

Dream On! was a weekly series I started last year about products that I’d like to own in my dream home. It also covers different interior design styles , and places that I dream to visit one day. Basically, I am sharing my dreams with you all through Dream on!

Note: I will not be posting dream on! as a weekly series anymore. It will just be a category that I post under when I find something worth dreaming about.

Today’s dream is about mirrors. It is no surprise that I love to decorate with them! Not only do they serve a function, they add beauty, drama, elegance, and character to any space. A simple home decorating trick is to use mirrors to visually expand a small space. You could place a mirror directly across from a window to reflect natural light and a beautiful view. Or you could use an oversized mirror, floor mirror or group of mirrors to add drama and visually expand a space.

I found 6 gorgeous Arabic style mirrors that would enhance the look of any room. I hope you love them! Let’s dream….

A beautiful oversized mirror adorned with Palestinian embroidery.

Margo Zeidan Tatreez.

A Syrian Inlaid mirror made of walnut wood and adorned with mother of pearl inlay arabesque pattern.

Linda Horn

A pointed arch mirror in a metal frame embossed with an intricate pattern.

A Curated World

A stunning mirror in the shape of an Islamic star framed with mosaics.

Elle Decor

A Dramatic floor mirror adorned with mother of pearl (or bone inlaid).

Lauren Rubintein

Finally, a Nada Dibs mirror featuring an Islamic star pattern in silver brushed metal against blue plexiglass.  {Doesn’t it look as if it is mother of pearl inlaid? }

Which mirror do YOU dream to own?

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