Dream On! It’s Not A Dream Anymore!

My husband decided to take us snow boarding on Friday. Those who know me personally would tell you that I have no interest in any activity that involves snow. However, the idea of learning a new skill as a FAMILY appealed to me.  My husband was as surprised as I was when I agreed to go.

I have been reading lately about the power of positive thinking. We all have negative thoughts but the successful among us are the ones who focus on positive thoughts and positive outcomes. Negative thoughts can only deter us from learning new skills and gaining new experiences. So, while snow boarding was not one of my interests or on my dream to-do list, I decided to challenge myself and create a positive outcome to gain a new experience.

We drove to RoundTop Ski Resort in Pennsylvania, registered for a snowboarding class, and hit the slopes. I was full of excitement but anxious at the same time. For someone who has to be in control all the time, this can be a challenge. But, I prepared myself mentally to enjoy the process, no matter what!

The first lesson was on a mini almost flat slope with only one foot locked onto the board. I am not going to say it was easy, but I managed to find my balance and went down this tiny slope several times. Yay! Here are my kids practicing on that slope. It was so much fun.

Half an hour later, we graduated to a higher slope. We were directed towards the ski lift that would take us up the mountain. Here I am with my hubby on the ski lift not knowing what’s waiting for us on the other end.

OMG, do they seriously think we are ready for that! {Of course, I did not say that out loud since no one needs my negative thoughts at this time}. With both feet locked onto the board, we were taught how to stand up and slide down the slope.  Now that was a true challenge!!! People were skiing by with ease all around us, which was a motivator to keep on trying. Believe me, I tried. But, unfortunately, after falling several times and sliding more than half the slope on my bottom, I gave up! My out of shape body could not keep up with this challenge! Yep, sometimes you need to know when to quit.

I am happy and proud to add this to my file of life experiences. Maybe next time, I will practice more on a simple slope before attempting to try the more challenging ones. But for now, the fact that I was able to overcome my negative thoughts and enjoy a new skill makes me proud. Have a look at one of the “difficult” ski slopes that you won’t see me on anytime soon!

How about you? What challenges do you dream to accomplish?

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