Dream On! Living in the Modern Style

Welcome to dreamland Monday! I am still in this long dream through the different styles of design. It is fun to imagine myself living in styles different from my own.  I hope you are enjoying this dream as well. 

Today, I am inviting you to imagine living in the modern style. I am sure most of you have some elements of that currently in your home such as stainless steel kitchen appliances. Here are other elements that make the modern style unique:

  •  Open floor plan
  • Uncluttered, clean look
  • Smooth, polished surfaces such as glass, and stainless steel
  • Straight lines in architecture and furniture
  • Monochromatic color scheme
  • Abstract art

Imagine yourself walking in the following rooms from Houzz.com,

Even the fireplace can turn modern! 

There is no rule against mixing different styles. I love how the designer in the picture below chose to incorporate modern elements in this non-modern style home. Notice the mix of straight lines with curved lines found in the arched window, chandeliers, and console table.

Would you feel comfortable and happy living in the modern style? Which elements would you choose to encorporate into your home? Personally, I love the open space , smooth surfaces and abstract art. But, I don’t feel comfortable with the straight lines. I love curved lines because they are relaxing and less formal. How about you?



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