Feeling at Peace In My Dream Sunroom

Today I am taking a break from planning my master bedroom closet design. In order to have a successful design, I have to abide by certain guidelines such as room dimension, ergonomics and functionality. For example, I should choose a light fixture that is scaled to room size, brightens without glare , and does not bump into my husband’s head each time he enters the room!  

This can be a stressful and time consuming process. So, what better way to relax than to design a virtual room with no rules ……Just for the fun of it!!

I decided to create a moodboard for a sunroom.

I am sure I am not alone when I say that the sun gives me warmth, hope, and energy. Our family room receives morning sun while our living room receives afternoon sun. So, like a plant bending towards the light, you would find me where the sun shines in my home. But that does not mean that I enjoy baking in the sun! That is why I believe that a sunroom would provide a place to enjoy the beauty of nature and protect from harsh sun rays, rain, and insects. {You can tell now that I am not an outdoors woman.”

Unfortunately, I do not have a sunroom…..Yet!! but, a girl can dream!

Here is my mood board design for a dream sunroom located on a farm with a lake and horses. I call it “Peace”. Don’t you feel at Peace just looking at it?


{Click on the image to enlarge}

 I find analogous color schemes relaxing! This one is green and yellow with a splash of red for a little bit of excitement. A comfy chase lounge would provide a spot for reading, enjoying the scenery or a quick nap . An arab style side table in bright yellow would add character and interest. Finally, scented candles would be used to enhance the mood and harmony in this beautiful space.

So, would you be relaxed in such a sunroom? Do you even like to have a sunroom? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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