For The Love of Arches!

Salam everyone!

Well, I thought I was going to get a break for Eid but God had another plan-called Hurricane Sandy. Alhamdulilah which means -Thank God- in Arabic, we were not hit as bad as New York and New Jersey. We had to cut our vacation short and return home fast before the storm hit. We managed to prepare for a potential loss of power just in the nick of time. I feel with the people in the affected areas devastated by flooding and loss of power.  I pray that everyone will get their life back in order soon.

Since I really did not have a break, I took my week off from blogging to catch up on my long to-do list. Here I am, a week later than promised but ready with another interesting topic related to Islamic Interior Design…..

Today, I will be introducing you to a form of architecture that is widespread in the muslim world….


The muslims borrowed the arch from the Roman and Byzantene empires. They modified it into a variety of unique shapes that are seen in many muslim countries today.

Types of arches that are characteristic of Islamic architecture….

Raised  Semicircular Arch

My trip to Amman

Islamic arts and architecture

Horseshoe Arch


My Marrakesh

Inspire Bohemia

Pointed (horseshoe) Arch

Ada and Darcy

Claudio Modola

Scalloped Arch

Flickr Hive Mind


I love the dramatic look of arches! Unfortunately, I need major renovation to be able to add one to the architecture of my home. However, there are less expensive options out there to incorporate arches in our homes. Here are some ideas to inspire you……

John Robshaw Textiles

John Robshaw Textiles

One Kings Lane



How about that!! I love all these options! what can I say; I adore arches.

What do you think of Islamic arches? Do you think they only belong in masajid (islamic prayer halls) and not in homes? Would they fit in your home design? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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