From Throw Pillow to Framed Art

I have a beautiful throw pillow that I bought from my home country of Jordan years ago. I love it because of the colors, the pattern, and the fact that it is hand stitched. I bought two back then, one with a green background and another with red. Here is the green throw pillow.

It looks so beautiful as a pillow, but I believe it would look even better framed. I was debating whether or not to frame it as a whole or to cut it into pieces.  Do I really want to cut this expensive, unique, hand stitched and ethnic pillow into pieces??? I had a vision and I decided to go for it. After all, I was only going to destroy frame one (red) pillow!

Here goes…{Oh mama, don’t kill me}

To visually add height and width to the wall, I hung the frames horizontally and stacked them vertically.

I am happy with the new look!

What do you think? Should I have left it as a pillow or do you like the way it turned out as framed art?

P.S. March 21 is Mother’s Day in the Arab countries. Happy mother’s day to my wonderful mama, precious sister, loving Mother-in law, amazing sisters-in-law and to all the mothers in the world. Enjoy your day off and try to relax for God’s sake!!

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