How did they do that!

Everyday I come across talented bloggers who can recreate an expensive piece of home décor at a fraction of the price. I wish I was as talented (and as handy) as them but they do inspire me to try.  Every Friday, I will share with you my top 2 choices for do-it-yourself projects. I hope they will inspire you as much as they inspired me.

My first choice for this week came from Jen who updated her kicthcen pendant into a look that is amazing.

How difficult do you think this was? Click on I Heart Organizing and see for yourself.

My Second choice came from Megan who created this amazing piece of wall art. Can you guess what this is?

This a cork board! Megan changed a simple cork board into a decorative and still functional piece of art for her home office! Why didn’t I think of that!

Click on  Honey we’re home to learn how she did that.

There you have it, two simple projects that add character to your home. I can do that, and I know you can do it too.

Until Next Time~

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