How To Decorate With Duct Tape-One Creative Idea From My Little Designer

Salam everyone!

My daughter came home from school one day with this folder….

Her friend decorated it with duct tape!

Duct Tape!!!

The duct tape I am familiar with looks like this……

When did it start looking like this?

Woman’s Day

 Apparently they have been a popular trend for a while.  My daughter had been telling me that her classmates use duct tape to decorate their back bags, shoes, books, etc.  But all I could imagine was that silver duct tape! In my eyes, that doesn’t look good on anything! How can anyone use it to decorate with? It never occurred to me that duct tape has evolved with stunning designs and colors until my daughter brought back that folder.

I liked the idea. So, I purchased a roll for her to decorate with. I was surprised when she called me up to her room to show me how she used it.

That mirror was on my to-do list for a long time. I wanted to build it a new wooden frame, but could not find the time to learn how to do that. My little designer found a creative way to give that mirror a beautiful frame {and spare her mother the time, money and heartache of building one from scratch}. Yay!

I was so impressed! So, I went and bought her another roll to “frame” the cork board as well.

If you, or your daughter, would like an ispiration on how you can decorate with duct tape. Here is one creative idea from my little designer….

There you have it! A super easy way to add color, fun, and personality to a room without breaking the bank {I purchased my duct tape rolls from Wall mart at $3.37 for a 10 yards roll}.  A home decor inspiration for you from my little designer…….

Now its your turn: Have you heard about decorating with duct tape? Are you amazed by the patterns and colors of duct tape? Would you use it to decorate your home with?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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