I Am Back With A New Focus of Home Synchronize

Hello, Hello! I am so happy to be back. I have been busy with guests for the past three weeks that took me away from blogging, but I managed to find some time to change my header and background. What do you think? You can tell I am excited about spring by looking at that header, can’t you?

During this long break from blogging, I spent quite some time thinking about the direction I want to take this blog. Not only do I want to help my readers tap into their creative side by sharing design tips and inspirations,  I want to share somethings that you can not find anywhere else. I want to introduce you to my own personal design background. As a Muslim Arab American,I want to share with you how my religion and culture play a role in interior design today.

I  moved to the U.S. from Jordan almost 21 years ago. Each time I travel back from Jordan I carry some home décor items that reflect my culture. Today these items add character to my home and give me comfort and peace. Here are some examples of my own Arab style accessories:

I would not say that my home reflects an Arabic style home, but it is a mix of styles that I find beautiful, comfortable and unique.  I have decorated my entryway and living room with mostly arab style accessories more than any other room in the house. Take a look

The entryway

Another angle showing the arab style pillow turned framed art. {unfortunately, I still did not buy that forth frame}!!

And the islamic pattern on the front door side windows. Click on the link to see how that was done.

The Arab style, also known as the Moroccan Style is slowly gaining popularity. I will  talk more about that in Dream On! Monday. But for now, here are some examples of homes reflecting the Arab style:

My Marrakesh

Sweet Home Decorating
Zar Studio

I am excited about this new focus of Home Synchronize. I hope I will be able to present to you a fair and clear picture of the influence of arab culture and islamic religion on Interior design in the middle east and the world.  Stay tuned


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