I Found A Functional Lighting Solution For Our Bedroom Closet!

Welcome back! Its Monday and I am Still working on that design plan for the master bedroom closet!! I gathered ideas for closet organization unitsceiling design, color scheme and today I am looking for that perfect light fixture.

I am lucky to have a window in my closet for natural lighting. Unfortunately, it provides that warm and bright light during the afternoon when we do not need to use the closet! Even if we did receive morning sun, natural lighting can be unpredictable because it is affected by room orientation , time of day, season, and weather conditions. So, we need artificial lighting as a complement to natural lighting in order to enable us to use the closet at any time.

There are 3 functions for artificial lighting; General (Ambient), task, and mood (accent) lighting. Determine what you need lighting for and this would be your function. For example, you need task lighting for reading and cooking.

I am looking for a light fixture that provides general lighting which can be direct or indirect. Direct lighting fixtures shine light downwards whereas indirect lighting fixtures shine light upwards towards the ceiling.

 Thus, Direct lighting adds depth and interest, and indirect lighting reduces glare and shadows.

I would love to have indirect lighting but it works best if the ceiling is white and 80% or higher reflective. The ceiling also needs to be at least 8 feet high. I am NOT planning to have a white ceiling in this closet which is exactly 8 feet high! So I am afraid that light fixtures that provide only indirect light might not work!

At first, I looked at flush mount light fixtures but then I figured that a semi-flush one might provide a mix of direct and indirect lighting. It is more of direct than indirect but the reflected light from the ceiling adds brightness without glare. Light shining upwards also gives the illusion of height to the closet.

With these advantages in mind, I found the following light fixtures {from Lowe’s} that might work in our closet

P.S. that gorgeous light fixture with crystal glass {from Home Depot} is on MY wish list. My husband caught a glimpse of it as I was writing this post and said;  “where are you planning to put that? You know it won’t work in the closet. ”

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