In Love With Nooks-Islamic style Nooks In Particular

No I am not talking about the Nook tablet (I don’t think they come in styles!). I am talking about these nooks….

islamic style nook 3Palais Namaskar Hotel

Islamic style NookLulu DeKwaitkowski

Islamic style nook 4Houzz

Islamic style nook5The Glamourai

According to McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Architecture & construction, a nook is

An alcove opening off a room to provide additional or more intimate  space (…)

The arches that characterize Islamic architecture contribute to the stunning look of these nooks. Warm colors add to their cozy attribute, while built in seating, and scattered pillows provide comfort and relaxation. Not only do these nooks look stunning, they are oh. so. inviting!!

One day inshallah, when I get to design and build my house, I shall include an arched nook somewhere in the design. I shall decorate the arch with an Islamic mosaic pattern, or add a backdrop of an Islamic mosaic pattern similar to this….

Islamic style nook2Creative fan

Are you as fascinated with Islamic style arches as I am?  How about an islamic style nook? If you are not interested in arches, would you include a nook in your future home design?

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