It is Great to be back!

Hello my friends!  If you logged onto my blog last week then you know that it was under maintenance mode. That is because I decided to move it to a different host and with that came a new design. So, what do you think? 

I feel a special connection to this design since I put in long hours into personalizing it.  This was not an easy process as I was working with HTML to get everything right. Here is an example of an HTML code:



<title>Your Page Title</title>



Not an easy matter especially when you run the risk of losing everything with the slightest error! And- I- did!! I wanted a HOMEPAGE link that can get you back to the first page of the blog with one click (which my theme did not offer). So, I researched how to do it myself. I found a code and I inserted it into the theme function code! I clicked on preview and I received that dreaded Error code!!!! I could not access my website anymore, so I could not even fix this. Oh!!! I was disappointed, frustrated, and full of regret. My design was almost complete, why did I have to go and Perfect it!! I wanted to scream, but my kids were in the room and I wanted to present a good example of how to deal with frustrations! I am proud of myself for not losing it, but between you and me, I felt like banging the computer into the wall!

Anyways, I am blessed to have a husband who is not computer savvy. He figured out the problem and was able to get me to the point BEFORE I inserted that code! Thank God!!! I also figured out how to have a homepage link (upper left corner) without having to play with the codes.

And so, my blog has undergone a makeover and I am ready to take it to the next level. What else is new?

  • I organized my posts into “Categories” which will make it easier for you to find your inspiration.
  • I registered my blog with bloglovin, which will notify you each time I publish a new post. Once you click on their icon in the sidebar, you will be directed to my page on their website. Click on Follow. 
  • I am also planning to start a new column called DIY Fridays, where I highlight two DIY (do it yourself) projects from fellow bloggers that I find interesting and inspiring. So, Stay tuned!
  • Finally, check out my new “About me” and  “Contact me” pages on the upper right hand corner.
  • Oh! have you noticed my blog button? Fellow bloggers can grab this and put it on their blogs to direct readers to my blog.
  • I added a new background from Squid Fingers.  

It’s Great to be back

Until Next Time~

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