Little Girl Bedroom Inspirations

The last home design project I planned was my master bedroom closet. In case you are wondering about that, I am happy to inform you that my husband and I spent winter break working on it, and it is almost over. Stay tuned for the reveal soon.

Now that one home project is off the list, I am ready for the next one.

My daughters, specifically my 8-year-old, has bees extremely patient with me. I promised her that as soon as her sister outgrows her crib, I would design their room.  Needless to say, the crib has been out of the room for almost 6 months now!! So, it is time to fulfill my promise and give my girls bedroom some design attention.

First thing first… The search  for little girl bedroom inspirations

In case any of you is interested in updating their little girls bedrooms, here are some rooms that I found inspiring….. 


I like the idea of placing the bed’s head to head because it clears a space in the middle of the room for playing.

Source: via Lama on Pinterest


Removing closet doors, and extending the painted walls into the closet makes the room look spacious.

Source: via Lama on Pinterest


I love accent walls!!

Source: via Lama on Pinterest


Ottomans at the end of the bed provide seating for friends and add color to the room.


I find this bed canopy interesting, but I am not sure if my daughter would agree with me!!

Take a look at that bench with upholstered back tucked in a bookcase. Good Idea!

Source: via Lama on Pinterest


A poem stenciled over the bed can be personalized and add character to the design.


Floating shelves would take advantage of vertical wall space in a small room.

Source: via Lama on Pinterest

An interesting solution to an architectural problem. Why not?



Source: via Lama on Pinterest


Surround a window with built-in bookcases and create a bench storage underneath.

After looking at so many little girls bedrooms ( check out my Pinterest board for more),  I can say that I am inspired. Are you?

I can’t wait to get started! Stay close

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