More Furniture Painting Drills

Remember back when I told you that I decided to learn how to paint furniture. I have read many inspiring posts showing fascinating furniture transformations through paint. I have blogged about some of them here and  here. Well, since then, I have been practicing my skills by painting a picture frame, a laminate bookshelf, and a desk.

Painting a laminate bookshelf:

After I read Jenna’s post on how to paint laminate furniture, I decided to try my hand at it by painting this old and cheap laminate bookshelf in my daughter’s room. Jenna had clear instructions that I followed to the bone including switching the cheap backing with a more durable thin plywood.

I decided to mod podge textured paper to the back of the bookshelf  for contrast and depth.

Painting with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint: 

For my third drill in furniture painting, I chose to try chalk paint. I read a lot about its qualities; no odor, no need for stripping, sanding, or priming! My only concern was that it was mainly used to create a distressed look-which is not what I want! I researched it further and found that chalk paint can be used to create multiple finishes including the smooth look that I am after. So, I bought my supplies and got started on my son’s desk.

Two coats of paint and 2 coats of wax later……..

 I am not sure why I have streaks on the desktop {if you know the answer, please share your thoughts.} I am hoping it just needs time to cure-this picture was taken a couple of hours after applying the wax. I followed The Purple Painting Lady recommendations on waxing furniture with Annie Sloan’s wax, but it seems easier “written” than done! I know I will need more practice to perfect this.

I must say though that using chalk paint saves a lot of time. There was no need to move the furniture outdoor, no need to sand or prime. If only I can get the waxing part under control, I would be transforming furniture more often!  

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